My Quarantine Do's and Don'ts

Here's how I'm making lemonade out of the lemon that is social distancing.


1. Work up a sweat

Home workouts are your friend. Summer 2020 is cancelled, but I'll be damned if my body isn't looking snatched for the season. Beyond any body changes you might see, the mental aspect of doing everyday morning-workouts like pilates and yoga will leave you more energized and relaxed throughout the day. The best part? You can squeeze a high-intensity session into 10 minutes. Check out these 4 to 10 minute workouts by the NY Times for some inspo:

2. Create a vision board

Please don't feel any pressure to be over-productive during quarantine, and take care of your mental health first. If you do want to think about what you want to achieve in this next decade: grab a few magazines around the house, a scissor, some glue and cut up pictures to create an offline irl Pinterest board. What are your goals? How will you achieve them? For once, the rollercoaster that is your life is out of order and once the wheels get back to spinning, you'll have a unique chance of getting ahead of time.

3. Meditate

Whether you're religious or spiritual, you can spend this time reflecting on yourself, how you have grown already and can continue to grow. It's a time to accept that while we are not always in control, we are always guided. This is definitely not easy, and it's not a shame to be dealing with anxieties because of quarantine - whether for the first time, or an exacerbation of your old anxieties. If you've never tried a meditation app to help put your mind at ease, Headspace is a great solution. They just opened a free section in the app called 'Weathering the storm'. It includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises designed to help guide you through this.

4. Nurture your creative side

Whether it's painting, drawing, making beats or even sewing. Use this time to develop new skills and become a master of a whole new art. Or if you're already a creative, use this time to drop content: whether's it's a new drawing, a new music video or a cover of an existing song. For a perfect example of that, check out Jay-Way's cover of Nirvana's 'Stay away': A quick demo of his talents, dropped in a time of quarantine, where we're all glued behind our phone screens. Are you able to drop something?

5. Play Master Chef

Instead of having cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner (which surprisingly isn't that bad), try to see if you can make every meal exciting and different. Google some exciting recipes that you may have always wanted to try. Surprise your girlfriend with five star meals and earn some brownie points for later! For example, now that we can no longer pop into Cereal & Chill for a caffeine shot, iced coffee-loving TikTokkers have found a smart way of making the popular drink at home. Here's a 20 second tutorial:


1. Be a Negative Nancy

It is what it is. The harsh truth is that we’re not going anywhere so we simply have to make the best out of it. Practice gratitude, be thankful for the roof over your head, the food in your fridge, the toilet paper you have stocked up and the life you have - because it could be much worse.

2. Sink into a pool of depression

Don't allow your thoughts to get the best of you: being sad over what you can't change won't make anything better. Let's listen to our favorite artists on full blast, reconnect with our family and people who are important (check up on your friends!). Know that you're not alone in this and don't diminish your peace by letting loneliness in.

3. Tune into media 24/7

Sometimes it's good to just turn off the tv, unfollow The Shade Room and not get yourself whipped up in a media frenzy. Try to limit the amount of times you check the news to twice a day (in the morning and evening). Make yourself a cup of tea and appreciate the sunlight, the birds and the smell of fresh air and tranquility around you, and the lack of social media notification sounds.



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