Introducing Cereal Network

2020 was always going to be the year of content.

2019, our first full year of business, was all about defining what Cereal & Chill entails and to prove the concept can actually bring a wide variety of young creatives together. As we enter into a new decade, we always thought 2020 would be a good time to expand into more than just your go-to chill spot in town (hopefully 🥺👉🏾👈🏾), but also a collective brand that will build up and support the creative culture in The Netherlands and beyond.

The way we planned to do that was by not only feeding your belly, but also your minds. We weren't fully ready to launch all of our initiatives, but with this time of self-isolation we believe the need for human connection, networking and uplifting to be greater than ever. As such, we decided to already get started with one of the key initiatives we had in mind. Our new blog, Cereal Network, will be curated by a team of writers from our team and will feature online articles highlighting you. Introducing you to new creatives, uplifting your work, and reporting on all things lifestyle, culture, music, and fashion that Cereal & Chill is into. A platform to introduce talents to a broader audience, and to keep you engaged & informed whilst you have to spend the vast majority of your days at home. We appreciate you for taking the time to check this out, and hope to have you keep on coming back! If you have a story to tell, DM us on insta or e-mail us at



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