Cereal & Chill Community Highlight: Kamatéworld

5 months ago, I did something I never had expected or anticipated: I started my own sneaker customizing business.

As a child my creative outlet has always been drawing and painting. There were periods of my life where I would spend the majority of time working on my craft, and periods where I'd skip it completely for months due to school. I would often hear from others that I should make something happen with my hobby, but I never knew how. About six months ago, I went through an eye-opening experience. My father died on his pilgrimage to Mekka, last year. In a quest to find positivity, tranquility and peace, I tried to find the right outlets. None gave me the peace that I experience by drawing and painting. Trying to find a specific anime fight on YouTube (Kakashi and Obito, in the hit anime Naruto), I came across a video where someone was creating custom sneakers with the exact characters from this fight. This instantly ignited something within me, and I started researching which products to purchase and how customizing works. All of this led to the birth of my first customs: NARUTO X OBITO AF1. The sneakers I had created out of distraction were now being shared and spread like wildfire through friends and acquaintances. With the ever increasing demand for customs, I decided to turn my passion into a real business. As I had to sign the first sneaker for my first customer, I didn't want to use my personal signature; without thinking about it for too long, I chose the name Kamatéworld. Kamatéworld, as a brand, is about nostalgia, dare, uniqueness and streetwear. Oftentimes, we forget the things that would bring us joy in our childhood: Powerpuff Girls, Dragon Ball, Avatar, a Nintendo 64, a Gameboy Advance. I want to use my business to remind people of their childhood, and use those memories to create a fashion statement. While art relating to anime and Japan are my favourite categories and as such the foundation of Kamatéworld, I want to create a fashion statement for diverse audiences all over the world. From gamers to animal lovers. I've customized sneakers for customers with anything ranging Harry Potter, Fortnite, Mac Miller to goldfish. My advice to upcoming creatives is not to postpone any ideas you might have in mind. When something comes up to you, and you start working on it right away: that's what brings you the most joy. Soraya Acha

In Cereal & Chill's Community Highlight series, we uplift deserving creatives that follow Cereal & Chill by providing them with a platform. Check out Soraya's upcoming business Kamatéworld at https://www.instagram.com/kamateworld/ . Do you want to share your story? Hit us up on insta!



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