Amsterdam's #1 spot to kick back and chill.
With 100+ cereals.
Events and vibes to
blow your mind.

Cereal & Chill opened in November 2018 in the centre of Amsterdam. Founded by young creatives, our Day 1 vision has been to offer equal parts ‘cereal’ and ‘chill’: to ensure that we bring a community together for both the food and the vibe & experience. From Poetry Slams to club nights, Cereal & Chill aims to be at the centre of Amsterdam's cultural heart.

Comfort food that will drive your taste buds wild.

As the home of the Cereal Waffle™, we know like no other how to combine classic dishes with a unique twist. Our comfort food options put the 'Chill' in Cereal & Chill, and allow us to provide you with many more options than a regular cereal cafe. With vegan, halal and gluten-free options, we want to maximize inclusivity and fun. Peep our menu for insights into how we do this.



Dusartstraat 22,

1072HS Amsterdam




MON - SUN: 9AM - 5PM